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WHY THE ADJUSTMENT? The joints in our body are meant to provide symmetrical fluid motion.  If a joint isn’t moving properly it puts abnormal stresses on the soft-tissues around it (muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, fascia), as well as changes the motion of other joints of the body.  This leads to injury, inflammation, pain, and if left untreated, scar tissue.

WHY MYOFASCIAL RELEASE? Fascia is a web-like soft-tissue that covers, connects, and permeates every single muscle, bone, nerve, and organ of your body.  Every millimeter of your body is wrapped in it, from the top of your head to the tip of your toes.  This means that every part of your body is interconnected by fascia; therefore, every part of your body can potentially be affected by restrictions in the fascial ‘web.’  Myofascial Release helps correct these restrictions and return normal function to all the tissues of the body.

WHY STRETCHING? Stretching can aid in the return of normal flexibility to specific joints and gross movements with restricted flexibility.  It can also help to correct muscle and fascial imbalances.  This is important for normal day-to-day activities as well as athletic performance.

WHY KINESIOLOGY TAPING? Kinesiology taping creates a synergistic affect when combined with other types of treatment to help stabilize the insulted tissue/joint, promote functional range of motion, and stimulate sensory receptors.  It also creates a decompression affect, which lifts the skin away from the underlying muscles, fascia, nerves, and vessels to help decrease pain and inflammation.  (RockTape)

WHY CORRECTIVE EXERCISES? Corrective exercises are a vital part of the rehabilitation process because they help to correct muscle imbalances and promote symmetrical range of motion.  This is important to help remove undue stresses on joints and surrounding soft-tissues.